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About Us
Giraff is a branding and design firm that builds and reinvigorates businesses, creating brands through clear process, innovative design concepts and a commitment to excellence. Our talented, close-knit team of branding and design professionals works with you on a personal level, dynamically integrating into your team to address your marketing communication needs. We make your brand our business.

We deliver a full range of creative brand design and development services, from strategic planning and graphic design, to digital development and content marketing. We equip you with an arsenal of marketing and visual elements to support your brand transformation. We use our 4D methodology to discover, develop, design and deliver.

Our client portfolio is very diverse; we’ve worked with large corporations and start-ups, in fields as diverse as high-tech, sport, agriculture and real estate. Creating international brands for international companies, we’ve branded concepts and product lines, events and people, each time finding the brand story that inspires action.
Our name comes from the giraffe, an extraordinary animal known for its long neck, beautiful pattern and quick stride. Because of its height and excellent eyesight, the giraffe has a unique perspective on the world, being the first to see risks or possibilities on the horizon. The giraffe’s large size requires it to have a very big heart. At Giraff, we will increase the value of your business by approaching your branding challenges with a unique perspective and a big heart.
Our approach is founded on partnership and caring and we maintain a commitment to your long-term success.


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